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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

nail art2 Nail Art Ideas | Spring Collection
Spring makes us think of all those adorable pastels, pretty flowers, warm sun rays and soft, fluffy clouds. Regardless any fashion trend, this amazing season should be in our hearts and … on our nails. As for restrictions, there are no rules whatsoever, but get ready to try out vibrant colors, eye-catching combinations and stunning embellishments. Put your creativity to the test and go for some lovely spring nail art ideas.

manicure Nail Art Ideas | Spring CollectionNail art fans, check out the fabulous new season glam nail art ideas if you’re ready for the ultimate makeover to polish your appearance to perfection. Don’t underestimate the visual power an A-list nail design can have on your casual or party look.
nail art1 Nail Art Ideas | Spring Collection
The tiny changes you’ll do in your nail painting routine will make the huge difference. Dare to experiment with bold and beautiful shades offered by the hottest nail polish collections of the moment. When craving for excitement, all you have to do is drop a glimpse on the versatile parade of hip nail designs as the ones illustrated below. The key to finding the most flattering and cheerful model is to try your hand at the different manicure trends. Stripes, polka dots together with the high street crackle nail art, all can be easily rocked out with a little handiness.
nail art8 Nail Art Ideas | Spring Collection
We all love spring. The perfect season when we celebrate life, warm weather, friendly sun, blue sky, candy-colored flowers, and love. We start wearing ladylike dresses and skirts, colorful t-shirts and floral printed tops. And since nails should also follow this seasonal trend, it’s time they reflect the joy we feel when spring comes. From polka dots and red hearts to nautical-inspired stripes and delicious cupcakes, it is so nice to add a romantic flair to our daily routine.
nail art9 Nail Art Ideas | Spring Collection
Dots are the easiest to do, you just need two colors of nail polish and a toothpick. Paint your nails in one color and wait for the polish to dry. Afterwards, use the toothpick in order to make the dots. For a cooler effect, you can choose two or three colors for the dots.
nail art31 Nail Art Ideas | Spring Collectionnail art161 Nail Art Ideas | Spring Collection
nail art66 Nail Art Ideas | Spring Collectionnail art63 Nail Art Ideas | Spring Collection


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