Funk up with Nail Art !!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Fashion has taken a major twist; style is not ordinary or only extra ordinary anymore either. It is more about what catches the eye; it is about the wow in your style. Nails contribute to the look just as everything else does. From nail polish it is time to move on to something funkier like nail art.

Spicing up your look is what style is all about. Nail art can be done professionally too but here are some easy do yourself nail art pointers.

Get your material ready and sit down to style your hands with nail art. Give your nails a base coat. For nail art set your canvas the nail with a neutral color. After it has dried you are ready to let your creativity go wild. Use bold colors or patterns or tattoo designs. It is your nail! It is your nail art!

Once, your nail art has dried, paint your nail with a clear shine or acrylic. And keep repainting this coat every few days to keep your nail art looking fresh.


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