Matter Physics for the National Examination 2011

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Important Grid Physics 2010/2011 National Examination in order of number of questions:
1. Vector
2. Significant figures
3. The principle of Black
4. Electromagnetic induction
5. The spectrum of electromagnetic waves
6. Relativity 

7. Photoelectric effect.
8. Nuclear radiation
9. Decay.
10. The function of rotational motion.
11. The equation of wave mechanics.
12. Microscope
13. Electrostatic forces.
14. Strong electric field.
15. Compound resistor circuit (loop).
16. Calculate the capacitance of the capacitor energy.
17. Alternating electric circuit.
18. Kinetic theory of gases.
19. The equation of ideal gas.
20. Related vessel (static fluid).
21. Atomic theory of quantum numbers.
22. Radiation heat.
23. Lorentz magnetic force.
24. Electromotive force (emf) Induction.
25. Kinematics of motion is straight.
26. Dynamics of rotational motion.
27. Rigid body equilibrium.
28. The emphasis of three-dimensional objects (volume).
29. Determine what type of electromagnetic wave based on the frequency.
30. The substance of the optical geometry.
31. About the physical optics diffraction / interference.
32. Fluid dynamic continuity of the law.
33. Rotational style objects.
34. Straight motion dynamics related to the friction material on the circular field.
35. Thermodynamics of the law to-1.
36. Carnot cycle of a heat engine.
37. The usefulness of semiconductors.
38. Statements within the meaning of the atomic theory of deduction.
39. Sound waves and audio instrumentation.
40. Doppler effect.


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