Tom Cruise: Socializes With Fans On Twitter

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tom Cruise has been called weird before, but he does adore his fans. In fact, he adores them so much that he is using 5 social media channels in 5 languages to connect with them. Or at least that is what he tweeted to his adoring fans who might be wondering be wondering why his tweets were not in English.

This is what he tweeted on June 10th regarding about his special Q&A.
We’re talking in 7 languages on 5 global social media channels right now with you guys, whew! Forgive the SP mistakes & Google Translator;)
This was a special treat for his fans. I think more stars need to do that. Connecting with fans is an important thing I think for stars. Sadly, not enough do it. However, I can at least say that Tom is one of the better stars for interacting with fans. And he does have a new reason for staying in touch with them now that he back to work.


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