How to Get Nails Like Blake Lively

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Most of us are familiar with CW’s hit show, Gossip Girl. Out of all the shows which are currently airing on television, this is the one which sports the pinnacle of modern fashion. One thing is for sure, you will never see a woman on Gossip Girl with boring, bland, ho-hum nails. Blake Lively is amongst the women in the show who are constantly making a new fashion statement with her amazingly designed nails. Not only are her fabulous nails always noticeable on television, but they are constantly being talked about in the press and in all of the popular fashion and teen magazines.

Blake Lively Nail Design

If you want up-to-date nails which are cool, hip, and sexy, then you can learn a thing or two from Blake Lively.
Blake Lively
Lively is a huge fan of metallic colors. These cool, chic colors are the perfect way to exemplify her bold and adventurous personality. Even when off-screen, Lively is always sporting some sort of funky nail design which somehow seems to help her overshadow all of the other celebrities around her. Through the use of fun and exciting colors, she is able to make a very big statement in a little way.
Blake Lively – Toenails
Now, you might not be a movie star, but you should definitely take a few hints from one. When it comes time to glam-out your nails, be sure not to hold back. After all, every girl needs to feel like a superstar every now and then, and Blake Lively is the perfect celeb to teach us how.
Blake Lively


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