EMO Hairstyles Modern Mullet

Monday, November 21, 2011

EMO Hairstyles Modern Mullet : Multi colored girl emo hairstyles shows liberty, freedom of expression and confidence in one's self. If someone has the courage to play around with colours on his hair then that guy or girl deserves respect because not everyone can do it because of fear; fear of what others would say.

These girl emo hairstyles show just that - what do you think of when you look at them? Colour? duh... but prettiness, self confidence, hope, fun?

Some of you might say that the picture in the top right corner and bottom left at least can also be classified as emo highlights. But I don't care, I like them and I'm sure you do too and that's what matters. They're high lights AND the hair is multicolored as well so ... If you like these colored emo girl hairstyles, either do it yourself or contact your hairdresser ;).


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