FHM India 2nd Cover Pics Veena Malik Nude

Sunday, December 4, 2011

After not being in the limelight for quite a while Veena has done it once again! She posed nude for an Indian Magazine, apparently they say she did it for Free, they shot two options for the Cover, this is the second image!
FHM India 2nd Cover Pics Nude 

FHM India 2nd Cover Pics Nude 
Veena represents Pakistan there in India and should know she has done in this picture, as she has justified herself before with full emotions and tamed by the audience and media both, Surely she is one actress who knows how to draw eyeballs towards her, but the way of being famous chosen by her is beyond adulthood and just because of her vulgarity in a sacred month for Muslims is a redundant ignominy, she has always been controversy's favorite child courtesy her link-up with Muhammad Asif and her on-off affair with “Assshhhhmit Patel”, seemed all set to create yet another controversy with her adult photo shoot.


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